Tubular DP Trio

Code Number: 350117

Data Sheet


Touch free soap dispenser, touch free faucet and hi-speed hand dryer for public bathroom use.
Operated by IR sensor.
Available with full brass body or AISI316 material.

Electronic wall-mounted faucet advantages:
• Drastically reduces water consumption
• No physical contact. Helps to protect users against cross-contamination
• Suits any washroom due to its minimalist design
• Sensor settings adjustable by remote control
• Easy installation
• Matching IR operated soap dispenser

Automatic soap dispenser advantages:
• Drastically reduces soap consumption
• Cross-contamination protection – no physical contact
• Clog and backflow prevention – with a designated peristaltic pump
• Accurate soap dosage – adjustable by remote control
• Maximized savings – can be used with any non-proprietary soap
• Easy to install and refill
• Highly durable – for heavy traffic locations

Additional information


Wall mounted duct concealed

Water supply

Cold or premixed water (1 inlet)

Water temperature

Max 70 ºC

Operating pressure

0.5 – 8.0 bar

Power source

IP67 battery box

Stern Soap & Water

Tubular matching soap dispenser


Stern remote control,
Stern mechanical mixing valve Integrated thermostatic mixing valve