Touch Free Faucets & Touch Free Dispensers

Welcome to Stern’s world of touch-free faucets, where inspiring bathroom design meets cutting-edge technology for commercial smart bathrooms. Our range of Touch-Free Lavatory Faucets, Touch-Free Deck Mounted Faucets, and Touch-Free Wall Mounted Faucets redefine modern restroom aesthetics and functionality. Experience the future with Stern’s Touch-Free Dispensers, including air dispenser hand dryers, offering comprehensive touch-free sanitary solutions for a hygienic and efficient bathroom experience.
Immerse yourself in sophistication with our touch-free lavatory faucets, combining style and innovation for a seamless user experience.

Explore Our Touch-Free Bathroom Solutions:

Transform your bathroom space with our deck-mounted faucets, designed for touch-free operation to enhance hygiene and convenience.
Elevate your bathroom design with our wall-mounted faucets, providing a sleek and space-saving touch-free solution.
Our touch-free dispensers, including air dispenser hand dryers, set a new standard for sanitary solutions in commercial smart bathrooms.
Embrace efficiency and hygiene with Stern’s touch-free hand dryers, ensuring a swift and hands-free drying experience.
Prioritize cleanliness with our touch-free hand sanitizer stands, offering a convenient and hygienic way to promote hand hygiene.
Experience the ultimate touch-free solution with our Touch-Free Trio, integrating a touch-free faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer for a cohesive and efficient bathroom experience.
Stern’s touch-free soap dispensers combine elegance with functionality, ensuring a touch-free and hygienic handwashing experience.

Touchless Standard That Fits Our New Reality

Stern invites you to move forward to a new standard of touch-free technology. Our innovative touch-free solutions are designed to meet the demands of our new reality, where hygiene, efficiency, and smart design converge. Explore the future of bathroom technology with Stern and elevate your commercial smart bathroom to unparalleled heights.