Touch Free Soap Dispensers

Robust, Automatic soap and foam dispensers for high traffic and commercial bathrooms. Touchless IR sensor soap dispensers sanitary solutions – we offer the best touch free lavatory (deck mounted) soap dispensers and wall mounted soap dispensers.

Touch Free Soap Dispensers - All you need to know!

Stern’s Touch-Free Electronic Soap Dispensers are operated by infrared sensor and automatically activate when users place their hands within the sensor range, providing a measured soap dosage while preventing cross contamination. If the user removes their hands from within sensor range before the full dosage is dispensed, the soap dispenser immediately deactivates, ending waste. Any non- proprietary liquid soap, at the recommended viscosity, can be used, saving money. Customizable functions with optional remote control are soap dosage, soap tank refill, temporary off and reset to factory settings. A perfect match for Stern’s Touch Free Lavatory Electronic Faucets or Touch Free Wall Mounted Electronic Faucets.

We offer touch free deck mounted and wall mounted touch free soap dispensers, foam dispensers and multi feed kits for soap dispensers. All of our soup dispensers are designed for long-lasting performance in high traffic applications, popular for its strong, robust features and individual and even design.

The soap level indicator feature is available on some our most popular soap dispenser models. This simple yet ingenious technology is the ideal way to reduce maintenance time and costs in high-traffic areas. Now there is no need for maintenance staff to open or unlock the cabinet to check soap level in the tank. Rather than go under the deck and unlock the soap tank just to see if it needs refilling or not, we have incorporated a soap level indicator into the base of the dispensers’ body so that the level of the remaining soap in the tank can be seen at only a glance. A small LED light in the body of the dispenser shows green when soap tank is full, orange when soap level is low and red when a refill is needed.

Today public restrooms need to be equipped with touchless fixtures, it’s the new normal. Commercial restroom remodels and renovations are the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring your restroom up to date with Post-Covid recommendations. Switching to touchless fixtures means the addition of various connectors and pipes which may need to be stored under the deck and possibly in full view of users. Our Underbasin Cabinet has been designed to be fitted under the deck in order to hide all of the unsightly pipes and connectors that come along with electronic touchless fixtures so that they can be easily hidden from view.