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Stern’s Csaba 2 in 1

Touchless faucet and soap dispenser in one product to be installed at a single hole.

  • Ultimate retrofit option
  • Easy installation at a single hole
  • Concealed sensors built into the spouts
  • Several special finishes to perfectly blend with your design
  • Optional soap level indicator

Complete Behind The Mirror Lockable Cabinet - SWA & SWAR

A complete all in one stylish & space saving solution that provides sleek and functional washroom fixtures storage above the sink!

The SWAR – Soap, Water and Air – is the best and most robust space saving solution for high traffic locations.

Provides a sleek and functional storage above the sink for your washroom fixtures. 


  • High-speed hand dryer
  • Mixing valve
  • Touch free faucet
  • Touch free soap dispenser
  • LED pictograms for intuitive user guidance and decoration.

The SWA – Soap, Water & Air module is an innovative smart concept for hight traffic bathrooms.
This complete system includes:

  • High-speed hand dryer
  • Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Touch-free faucet
  • Liquid soap dispenser,
  • Optional lamp soap level indicator.


Restrooms that are designed to be fully Touch Less!

Hands Free Faucets, Touch Free Soap Dispensers , Complete Touch Free concealed Sanitary Ware and the best value for money touchless fixtures!

We offer the biggest variety of innovative, sleek and modern automatic and electronic fixtures for modern bathrooms.

Water Saving, Germ Free & Hands Free solutions for commercial & high traffic locations.

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