MALMO 1000

Code Number: 225860


Data Sheet

Installation Guide



Electronic wall-mounted faucet operated by IR sensor.
Solenoid valve, sensor, and battery are integrated into the spout.

Series includes options for cold or premixed water as well as hot and cold water.

• Drastically reduces water consumption
• No physical contact. Helps to protect users against cross-contamination
• Since the sensor, solenoid, and battery are inside the body, servicing can be done from the front
• Sensor settings adjustable by remote control
• Easy installation
• Internal solenoid valve
• Matching IR operated soap dispenser

Additional information


Wall mounted

Water supply

Hot & Cold (2 inlets)

Water temperature

Max 70 ºC

Operating pressure

0.5 – 8.0 bar

Power source

9V Lithium battery


Stern remote control