Code Number: 340600


Data Sheet

Installation Guide



Electronic wall-mounted faucet operated by IR sensor.
For cold or premixed water.
Includes options for wave or prox operation, and accessories for brick wall installation.

• Drastically reduces water consumption
• No physical contact. Helps to protect users against cross
• Concealed installation, all components inside the box
which makes it serviceable from the front
• Sensor settings adjustable by remote control
• Easy installation

Additional information

Power Source

6 X 1.5V AA

Model Features

Concealed installation in dry walls.
Default Wave activation: Once the users place their hands at a close proximity to the sensor.
Water will shut off if the users place their hands at a close proximity to the sensor again or once a factory set flow time of 8 seconds will pass. The flow time is adjustable on site by remote control.
Optional Prox activation:
Automatic activation when the users bring their hands within the sensor range, and stops when the users remove their hands.