Lotus Topfill

Code Number: 230850

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Topfill” E Automatic Soap Dispenser, a deck-mounted touch-free soap dispenser designed for convenience and hygiene. This dispenser features an integrated soap level indicator, allowing you to monitor soap levels effortlessly. Refilling the soap tank is a breeze, as the dispenser cap can be easily released for seamless replenishment. The 2-liter tank accommodates non-proprietary soap with the recommended viscosity, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Crafted with a 100% brass body and cover, this dispenser boasts durability and elegance. It is available in Chrome Plated, PVD Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black finishes, and can be perfectly complemented by a matching touch-free faucet in a corresponding finish. The dispenser’s dosage and sensor range are adjustable through a remote control, which also enables you to perform tasks such as selecting soap quantity, refilling the soap tank, toggling temporary off mode, and restoring factory settings.

The dispenser utilizes a peristaltic pump that effectively prevents backflow and clogging. You can choose to refill the soap tank manually using a button or opt for the convenience of the remote control. With the Lotus remote control, you have control over various functions, ensuring a tailored experience. This touchless soap dispenser by Lotus is also referred to as the Lotus Commercial Soap Dispenser, reflecting its suitability for commercial settings.

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12V Transformer


Delivers liquid soap