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Up Your Touch-Free Game, With Three New Stern Offers

Spring has sprung and as we revel in the holidays, Stern is happy to celebrate this time of year with a few updates to add to the cheer.

For all our clients, past, present and future, who enjoy our soap dispensers, we are happy to announce that you will now be able to use your soap dispenser with both non-proprietary as well as proprietary soap. If you are fully committed to your soap supplier but want to enjoy the ease, comfort and sustainability offered by Stern’s touch-free soap dispensers, fret no more! We have the ultimate solution for you to continue using your proprietary soap. Enter Stern’s Universal Proprietary Soap Adaptors!
Stern’s Universal Proprietary Soap Adaptors!

These nifty little blue rubbers may seem inconsequential, but their introduction has already been earth-shattering for many of our customers who are either engaged in a multi-year consumables contract, or who simply cannot live without their soap. Now you can connect any container of soap that is compatible with Stern’s soap dispenser using our Universal Proprietary Soap Adaptors.

Adaptors come in two sizes: 45 – 59 mm, and 30 – 38 mm to easily connect any soap container. Contact your sales agent for more!

And if we’re already on the topic of soap… Did you know Stern now offers 2-liter soap bottles for a wide variety of products? You read correctly! 

Stern just doubled your soap supply for longer lasting soap gratification and greater maintenance comfort. 

Come one come all and indulge in our latest high traffic bonus!

2L Tank

Always wanted a SWAR, Soap-Water-Air-Revolution, module but never really fit the 800 mm size? 

We are excited to let you know that the SWAR module is now available in a variety of sizes. 

Please contact us to see whether your project is a good fit!

And lastly, for now anyways, we want to brag a little about one of our latest installations in one of Spain’s hottest malls: L’illa Diagonal in Barcelona. 170 shops across 35,000 m2 of pure shopping enjoyment harboring some of the best fashion, food, and activities the “Countal City” has to offer. 

Stern had the pleasure of installing our BTM, Behind-the-Mirror module, including our touch-free water, soap, and air trio for a more stylish, hygienic, and cleaner washroom experience. L’illa was also happy to install our Extreme CS complete touch-free, sensor-activated soap and water system, including mounting support for the washbasin, faucet, and soap dispenser.

Check out the pic. Not too shabby ay?

And that’s a wrap for now, but before we part ways, we’d like to extend you our warmest wishes this Spring holiday season. Live it up! Keep it clean, keep it healthy, and keep it real.

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