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Stern’s Special Touch & Germ Free Soap Dispensers Edition

A Designed Comprehensive Bathroom Experience

Domestically, commercially, deck mounted or wall mounted, Stern Engineering offers a complete collection of designed touch free soap dispenser solutions.

 Stern’s addition to the collection, first presented at ISH 2013, the world’s leading energy and water trade fair, includes a variety of soap dispensing solutions for the public bathroom such as tall version soap dispensers, the Multifeed top filling kit and the Behind mirror soap dispenser.

Soap & water product range - Designed deck mounted and wall mounted faucets with matching soap dispensers

In the last few years an increased demand for a comprehensive touch free bathroom environment has developed, a need for an environment that will rise up to modern design trends, and be pleasant on the eyes as well as efficient. Most importantly, however, the ideal bathroom environment should strive to promote water and energy conservation as well as save on consumables such as soap. 

To accommodate that need, Stern has created its soap & water product range consisting of designed deck mounted and wall mounted faucets with matching soap dispensers. Saving on water and energy as well as on soap, the soap & water range is a huge success and was lately reinforced with tall version soap dispensers to match Stern’s tall version faucets. 

With Stern’s complete product range, using a public bathroom once considered to be a daunting experience is now a pleasant, clean one. In addition, the public bathroom has now transformed into a designed environment which steps up the user experience even further.

Behind the Mirror - Touch Free Concealed faucet - Touch Free concealed soap dispenser and hand dryer



Many items to include and limited bathroom space, calls for efficient space planning. With just that in mind, Stern’s Behind mirror soap dispenser was created. It is designed to fill in the empty space behind a hinged mirror, keeping the soap tank and pump hidden from sight so that the small soap spout is the only part visible.



Public bathrooms at airports, stadiums, train stations etc. are getting a lot of use and abuse. With hundreds of people going through the bathrooms every single day, these heavy usage areas are in need of sustainable, high performance products that are easy to maintain. With its 5 liter soap tank, Stern’s Multifeed top filling kit provides a solution for multiple deck mounted or wall mounted soap dispenser installations.