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Stern's Invisible (behind the mirror) Innovations

Stern’s Invisible (behind the mirror) Innovations

Stern's Invisible (behind the mirror) Innovations
behind the mirror soap dispenser - STERN'S NEW DESIGN CONCEPTS


In recent years, designers have returned to modern trends, incorporating clean, simple lines in their designs and smart, elegant functionality. These trends motivate manufacturers to produce sleek functional items that are easily concealed to maintain the overall modern look. Stern is always developing innovative, more efficient devices and installations to keep up with global designer trends, rising costs and environmental issues. These notions birthed the BTM series. Designed to be installed Behind The Mirror for no interference with the design, the BTM preserves the clean look of the washroom with its minimalistic design and smart concealed installation. The entire mechanism, from pump to soap tank, is hidden behind the washroom mirror.


The BTM series’ star product is The Soap-Water-Air (SWA) module, which combines the entire process into one easily installed and maintained system. It provides the complete touch-free experience with a soap or foam dispenser, an IR-operated faucet and a touch-free air hand drier. One unit – easily installed Behind the Mirror. An incredible advantage of the system is its complete customizability. The SWA is a tailor-made unit, assembled according to the clients’ specific needs. When ordering the system, every part: faucet, soap (or foam) dispenser, hand drier and mixer, can be removed completely or replaced with different products. This on-demand flexibility give the SWA Module the edge over the dated competition, and places Stern in the forefront of sanitary technology and design.
Concealed touch free soap dispener, faucet and hand dryer - THE SOAP WATER AIR (SWA) MODULE