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Staying in Touch in a Touchless World!

stern stay in touch - Staying in Touch in a Touchless World!

Well it’s officially 2021 and definitely time to talk about our new Csaba touch-free electronic soap dispenser with soap level indicator. But what’s all the fuss about? Well, this new touchless electronic soap dispenser has a soap level indicator incorporated in the body. This means that the soap level in the tank can now been seen with a mere glance. Yes, that is correct, the LED level indicator is in the actual body of the soap dispenser and shows green when soap tank is full, orange when soap level is low and red when a refill is needed. So you are aware of the soap level at all times and there are no surprises of a sudden empty tank.

stern soap dispenser soap level indicator - Staying in Touch in a Touchless World!

This reduces maintenance costs in heavy usage areas since the maintenance staff only need to glance at the product to know the state of the soap. There is no need for them to unlock and open the cabinet or check under the deck at all until the LED shows them that soap is low. In addition, the large 1.6 gallon (6L) soap tank means even longer intervals between refills. So now, in addition to our touch-free technology when using the product, there is no need to go near the tank at all until the soap level indicator shows low soap levels!

Stern rose gold tubular soap dispense - Staying in Touch in a Touchless World!

This new addition to our touchless, automated Csaba line is powered by a 12V transformer and has a matching Csaba touch-free electronic faucet. The Csaba touch free line is only one of the models in our full touchless range of products and components that you can find in our brand NEW Touchless Automated Environment Catalog.

Now that touchless public washrooms have become essential in high traffic public areas and not just “nice to have” we have also released a NEW Stern Website for the US market where you can find technical data to examine our no-touch technologies that are key to keeping users safe in today’s environment. Here you can also find a wealth of architectural information, specifications, BIM files, and CAD details can be found as well as various online product selection tools including Arcat and Masterspec.

stern us website laptop - Staying in Touch in a Touchless World!

We would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you a Happy New Year! Remember, we want to hear from you, your opinion is important to us! Please let us know if you have any comments or questions on any of our Touchless Technologies.