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Last Chance To See What Cleaner Washrooms Are All About

Are you struggling for space in your commercial washroom or simply looking to achieve a more streamlined look? Our complete behind the mirror lockable cabinet is a stylish, space-saving solution that provides sleek and functional storage above the sink for your washroom fixtures. Discrete housing for your water, soap, paper towels, and hand dryers ensures that all the action happens above the sink.

Alternatively, our modular system, made up of touch-free faucets, automatic soap dispensers, high-speed hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers can be put together according to the needs of your project. The concept is smart, functional, and easy to maintain. No more queuing for hand dryers or water dripping across the floor with the SWA Module.

Our solutions enable users to wash and dry their hands at the basins, taking away the need to move around the washroom. As a result, traffic flow decreases, washrooms become less cluttered and there is less water on the floor providing essential hand hygiene whilst helping to maintain the aesthetics of your commercial washroom.