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Touchless Trends to Combat the Spread of Germs and Viruses

Stern’s Extreme CS touch-free wall mounted faucet and matching soap dispenser are activated by concealed sensor built into the spout. Combining an elegant design with vandal-resistant features the Extreme CS series ensures that washrooms stay clean while saving water and preventing cross-contamination by creating a germ-free and automated environment. The Extreme CS range is available in a variety of finishes as well as Stainless Steel AISI316 material which is known for its corrosion resistant properties. There are models within this range that are suitable for both installation in hollow walls as well as for concealed installation in concrete or brick walls and installations with no back access. In addition, the faucet is powered by IP67 dual power input box that allows the faucet to be used with 9V battery or 9V transformer and can be powered by a 9V transformer and an integrated back up system to be used with 9V lithium battery enabling the faucet to be used normally in case of power failure.
Csaba was created with state-of-the-art electronics in solid brass for unsurpassed performance and durability with a modern design that enhances any commercial restroom. Due to the immense success of this design we have created the Csaba range in a wide variety of options. Our sleek line of Csaba faucets and soap dispensers can also now be provided together, as a cost-effective, matching pair. You can choose from the standard size Csaba duo for custom commercial lavatory solutions for hospital and healthcare facility fixtures or the Petite Duo, for commercial washrooms with less space, such as gas stations and on trains and other forms of public transport. Csaba gives you the ability to choose between various water-saving options in the faucet, while the matching Csaba soap dispenser enables maximum savings by allowing control of the soap dosage. In addition, the Csaba soap dispenser with soap level indicator is the ideal way to reduce maintenance costs in high traffic areas with no need for maintenance staff to open the cabinet to check soap level. The soap level indicator, which is in the body of the faucet, shows green when soap tank is full, orange when soap level is low and red when a refill is needed.




The Quadrat touch-free deck mounted faucet and soap dispenser, with their clean, square, modern design, brings minimalist perfection to commercial bathrooms. By taking minimalism to the maximum with simple geometric shapes, Stern’s Quadrat line instantly creates a sleek, sophisticated look and feel with its clean and contemporary design. The square shape of the Quadrat fixtures makes an instant statement with its bold, modern style and completes the square collection of touch-free bathroom designs.

 The Quadrat Series is made of a dense and heavy solid brass which means it will last for a long time without leaking or corroding and it has the ability to withstand high water pressure while remaining beautiful. Designed for long-lasting performance in high traffic applications, it is popular for its strong, robust features and individual, square and even design. 



The Quadrat range of touchless faucets and soap dispensers are available in two versions, for deck-mounted installations and wall-mounted concealed installations in hollow framed walls. Both models are available with standard length or extra-long spouts as well as in a variety of special finishes and can be powered by either battery or transformer, making them extremely versatile and suitable for any commercial high-traffic location.


The soap level indicator feature is available on some our most popular soap dispenser models. This simple yet ingenious technology is the ideal way to reduce maintenance time and costs in high-traffic areas. Now there is no need for maintenance staff to open or unlock the cabinet to check soap level in the tank. Rather than go under the deck and unlock the soap tank just to see if it needs refilling or not, we have incorporated a soap level indicator into the base of the dispensers’ body so that the level of the remaining soap in the tank can be seen at only a glance. A small LED light in the body of the dispenser shows green when soap tank is full, orange when soap level is low and red when a refill is needed.


Soap Dispensers special finishes and colors

PVD Polished Brass
Particularly durable with a vintage flair and won’t rust or corrode.

PVD Copper
Classic, warm and bold, it stands out in an incredible way.

PVD Antique Bronze
Dramatic and striking, adds a great ambiance and a touch of texture.

PVD Rose Gold
This striking mix of gold with copper creates a delightful rosy red tint.

PVD Satin Gold
A velvety effect that is particularly recommended for contemporary and industrial styles.

Electroplating is the process of applying a liquid metal coating through an electro deposition process. In electroplating, the deposited metal fuses to the base material, achieving a beautifully, durable finish.

Polished Chrome
Resistant to rust and corrosion, chrome is cost-effective and easy to clean.

Satin Gold
A velvety effect that is particularly recommended for contemporary and industrial styles.

Stainless Steel (Brushed Nickel)

The matt appearance of this sophisticated and cool finish hides fingerprints and water spots.

Powder coating is a finishing process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to a surface as a dry powder before heat is used to finalize the coating. The powder will form chemical bonds in the process
and creating a flexible, durable finish that is highly resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.

Matt Black
Exceptionally versatile, easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt, water spots or fingerprints.


Today public restrooms need to be equipped with touchless fixtures, it’s the new normal. Commercial restroom remodels and renovations are the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring your restroom up to date with Post-Covid recommendations. Switching to touchless fixtures means the addition of various connectors and pipes which may need to be stored under the deck and possibly in full view of users. Our Underbasin Cabinet has been designed to be fitted under the deck in order to hide all of the unsightly pipes and connectors that come along with electronic touchless fixtures so that they can be easily hidden from view. The Underbasin Cabinet is a lockable cabinet with a stylish white panel and oak style frame that hides unsightly pipes and connectors and has the capacity to hold either our 1.6 Gallon (6L) soap tank or our 33.8 FL OZ (1L) soap bottle. It also has a soap level indicator window so that maintenance staff can see the soap level at a glance and don’t need to unlock the cabinet in order to see the soap level in the tank, reducing maintenance time and costs.