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Touchless Tech: Touch-Free Glass Filler Faucets By Stern

Now that COVID has made the world aware of the potential risks associated with physical touchpoints, the goal of a hands-free experience has become paramount in public areas. The shift toward contactless technology solutions has been developing for years, however recent events have accelerated this trend, creating new demand for touch-free technology almost everywhere. Glass fillers and water stations were designed for bars, restaurants, and commercial foodservice kitchens to easily fill cups and bottles with fresh drinking water. As restaurants and bars resume operations in some areas of the United States and around the globe Stern offers a touch-free glass filler faucet that can be easily installed on countertops, bars, and workstations to provide convenient access to cold or premixed water.

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Activated by an infrared sensor our glass filler faucets have retrofit compatibility so can easily replace your current push-button glass filler with our hygienic touch-free version with its long reach, rotational spout. It works by placing one hand in front of the sensor while placing a glass under the spout with the other. The flow will start automatically and stop as the user removes their hand from the sensor range. Ideal for drinking fountains, coolers, and water stations. Fill your customers’ water glasses with a glass filler faucet mounted on your bar or beverage station. Cool touch-free glass filler faucet has been designed by Stern for bars, restaurants, and any commercial kitchens. For more information contact your Sales Manager.