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Touch Free Sanitary Solutions to Combat the Spread of Germs & Viruses

Designed by Stern for bars, restaurants and commercial kitchens the Cool touchless glass and bottle filler faucet enables you to quickly and conveniently fill glasses or bottles with drinking water. Installing touch-free glass filler faucets in commercial environments means that staff can quickly fill water glasses without crowding around beverage stations or bars and without the need for touch. Separate water stations free up space and improve efficiency but in today’s environment they also need to be touchless for improved hygiene. Our Cool touch-free glass filler faucet is compatible for retrofit installations so you can easily upgrade your touch operated faucet to a new touch free version more suitable for today’s environment. Cool glass filler faucets are also suitable for schools and can replace the current touch versions that exist in the corridors of many educational institutions for both hygiene and to prevent crowding in these areas.
Our 1.28 GPF touchless, sensor-operated, concealed flush valve for toilets reduces water waste because it is programmed to provide exactly the right amount of water at the appropriate time, saving resources. The Noble 3032 has been designed with a solid brass valve body, a Stainless Steel AISI316 panel and tamper proof screws for increased vandal protection, making it suitable for a variety of high risk environments. Activated by an automatic infrared sensor, it incorporates an innovative self-adjusting detection range that checks and automatically sets the appropriate sensor range according to the surroundings. This touch free product also features a manual or piezo override push button with anti-block feature just in case you need an extra flush.
Installing a thermostatic mixing valve is the easiest most cost effective way to ensure that water is delivered at the required temperature in order to reduce the risk of scalding as well as reduce hot water consumption. You can use the Underbasin TMV to either set a maximum hot water temperature with the hot water stop function or to set a mixed water temperature level that is fixed by setting and locking the levels of hot water. Designed specifically for use in high risk applications such as hospitals and aged care homes or in fact any other commercial facility, our lead free solution is very easy to install directly to the angle valves under the basin with or without the optional connection kit. Built-in filters prevent dirt from entering the system and back check valves that prevent hot water entering the cold water inlet.