Stern Releases The Csaba Soap Dispenser With Soap Level Indicator

Stern is excited to announce the release of a new Csaba touch-free electronic soap dispenser for deck mounted installations, with a soap level indicator incorporated in the dispensers’ body. This new and innovative addition to our popular touchless, automated Csaba line is powered by a 12V transformer and includes a 1.6 Gallon (6L) soap tank suitable for high traffic areas and a level sensor that provides a reliable continuous level measurement of soap in the tank. The level indicator is situated in the body of the soap dispenser and shows green when the soap tank is full, orange when the soap level is low, and red when a refill is needed. The soap level remains fully visible and available in real-time, so the Csaba soap dispenser with soap level indicator is the ideal solution to reduce maintenance costs in heavy usage areas with no need to open the cabinet to check the soap level. Combined with the Csaba touch-free electronic faucet, it creates the ultimate germ-free automated environment in both commercial and residential washrooms. For more information please contact your local Sales Manager.