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Stern Gains UL Listing For Safety For All Hi-Speed Hand Dryers

UL is a global leader in testing, inspection, certification, auditing, and validation. The UL Mark is the most accepted Certification Mark in the US and Canada, appearing on 22 billion products annually. UL is dedicated to public safety and the best way for us to show you that with Stern you’re getting safe, properly designed, and manufactured products. A product that bears the stamp of UL listing has been tested and verified that it meets UL standards for safety. Stern is proud to announce UL listing for our Hi-Speed Hand Dryers Series that includes Ever touch-free electronic hand dryer for deck mounted installations. This high-speed, high-quality hand dryer with a sleek, vandal-resistant design had been manufactured for use in transport facilities, schools, stadiums, sports arenas, and public washrooms. Powered by 110V-120/220V-240VAC. This hand dryer will automatically shut off after being used for more than 60 seconds. The Tubular hand dryer is part of the Stern series for wall-mounted installations. This hi-speed hand dryer has an easy mounting back plate and is available from either a chrome-plated full brass body or Stainless Steel AISI 316. The Tubular hand dryer is also available for concealed installation in drywalls as well as concrete and brick walls. Both models have matching touch-free faucets and soap dispensers, which together create the ultimate germ-free environment in any public washroom. For more details contact your Sales Manager.

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