Introducing SWAR TV – the perfect addition to any commercial washroom!
Our cutting-edge design features a concealed screen that broadcasts news and advertisements, viewable while users wash, soap, and dry their hands.
With a lockable mirror that completely conceals the screen and a tablet that’s only visible when needed, SWAR TV offers a sophisticated approach to elegant advertising.
The sleek and modern design includes a touch-free faucet, mixing valve, touch-free soap dispenser, and high-speed hand dryer, along with optional paper towel holder and LED pictograms for intuitive user guidance.
The 24″ screen is suitable for any public restroom, making SWAR TV the ultimate washroom solution for businesses and facilities of all kinds.

Code Number: 280461-US

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Discover the innovative SWAR TV – a sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror and concealed screen that is designed to revolutionize your commercial washroom experience! This product comes with a complete cabinet for easy installation, plug and play, making it a hassle-free solution for any business or facility.

With SWAR TV, you can enjoy the benefits of drastically reduced water and soap consumption, thanks to its touch-free faucet and soap dispenser. The product also features a no-physical-contact design that protects users against cross-contamination, making it a safe and hygienic option for any commercial washroom.

The optional thermostatic control ensures optimal water temperature, while the optional paper towel holder caters to your preferences. The sensor settings and soap dosage are adjustable by remote control for added convenience, and the Android 24″ display on the mirror icons indicates soap, water, and air.

1920x1080 for ISH newsletter SWAR TV square - SWAR TV
Behind the mirror solutions - The SWAR TV & more behind the mirror hand washing stations - BDNY

Remote connection via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, HDMI/USB/Audio connections, and a dashboard to coordinate all screens for multiple units (managed by a third party) make SWAR TV a versatile and customizable solution for any business or facility.

With a low standby power that brings down consumption while in standby mode and a screen that completely vanishes when turned off, SWAR TV is an energy-efficient option that helps you save on costs. The screen settings can be adjusted via the on-screen display, and sound can be connected using speaker cables.

In addition to the concealed screen, SWAR TV includes a high-speed hand dryer, mixing valve, touch-free faucet, touch-free liquid soap dispenser, and LED pictograms for intuitive user guidance. The combined system, including the faucet, soap dispenser, and hand dryer, is operated by IR sensor, while the product features a manual integrated thermostatic mixer for anti-scalding operation and temperature control. Upgrade your commercial washroom experience with SWAR TV today!

Additional information


Wall mounted

Water supply

Cold or premixed water

Water temperature

Max. 70 ºC

Operating pressure

0.5 – 8.0 bar

Power source

12V Transformer


Stern remote control