Boreal 1000

Code Number: 212050/5

Product Drawing Boreal 1000 B – 212050

Product Drawing Boreal 1000 E – 212055

Data Sheet


Electronic lavatory faucet operated by IR sensor.

Series includes options for cold or premixed water as well as hot and cold water, tall versions for countertop sinks and the soap and water duo.

• Drastically reduces water consumption
• No physical contact. Helps to protect users against cross-contamination
• Sensor settings adjustable by remote control
• Easy installation
• Internal solenoid valve
• Matching IR operated soap dispenser

Introducing the Boreal 1000 Touchless Deck Mounted Faucet—an innovative commercial-grade solution that combines style and functionality. This advanced automatic faucet is designed to provide both hot and cold water options, making it versatile for various applications in commercial settings.

Boasting a chrome-plated body with customizable finish options, the Boreal 1000 faucet offers a sleek and modern look to complement any environment. Its operation is powered by a dual power input box, accommodating either 6 * 1.5V AA batteries or a 9V transformer for consistent power supply.

The faucet’s sensor is discreetly integrated into the spout, enabling touchless activation for enhanced hygiene and ease of use. Additionally, a built-in filter ensures clean water output with every use, promoting water quality and user satisfaction.

Take full control of your faucet’s settings with the included remote control, allowing for adjustments to sensor range, security time, delay in, delay out, on-off functionality, and factory reset settings. This customization ensures optimal performance tailored to specific preferences and requirements.

Elevate your commercial space with the Boreal 1000 Touchless Deck Mounted Faucet—a perfect blend of innovation, design, and practicality. Experience the future of touchless faucet technology with unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Additional information

Water supply

Cold or premixed water (1 inlet)

Power source

9V Alkaline Battery, 9V Transformer


5452 standard approved


Stern remote control