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Stern Provides K-12 Schools With Safe And Effective Hand Hygiene Stands

During a time when the world continues to fight a global pandemic that has impacted the life and health of everyone, school students in the US, and around the world, are returning to school. This is an important and welcome step however, there are lots of things for schools to consider. Like workplaces around the world, schools will need to adopt and enforce health and sanitation protocols. Every school will have changed the way it operates, with social distancing rules and additional hygiene measures in place.

It’s crucial that schools plan ahead and look at what additional measures they can put in place as students and teachers return to the classroom. Hygiene is a crucial part of schools reopening safely but for preschoolers, this time should also be FUN! Stern FUN brings all the technology of our WIPO registered touch-free hand sanitizer and pillars to the classroom to transform it into a hygienic and safe zone for kids.

Activated by IR sensor, Stern FUN is shorter than our original stands, dispensing sanitizer gel at exactly the right height, without the need for touch. Stern FUN is delivered in a choice of primary colors with soft, rounded edges specifically designed for pre-school ages. A lockable cabinet prevents tampering with the tank by those little hands and an off-off mechanism ensures that Stern FUN will not be used unsupervised! 

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Available in several models and colors, all versions are powered by a 9V battery or 12V transformer. Every unit incorporates a peristaltic pump that is compatible with Ethanol, IPA Isopropyl Alcohol – Up to 80% and Alcogel and all models are suitable for use with any brand of hand sanitizer at the correct viscosity of up to 3800 cPs. All Stern FUN units are made from high-quality Plywood HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) with a front opening. A 6-liter tank means no constant refilling for low maintenance, since each tank provides enough gel for 6000 uses, making it FUN for the teaching staff too! Stern FUN is the newest addition to our full range of touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser stands and pillars that can already be found in supermarkets, hotels, banks, lobbies, and many other high traffic public areas around the world.  

Our stands and pillars are available in several models from either standard full brass chrome-plated or premium Stainless Steel AISI316 material. Customization and branding of the front panel and the colors of the stand itself is also an option, depending on the model, so you can match the stand to your associated colors and add a logo! WIPO Registered Design No. DM/208977. For more details contact your Sales Manager.