Hand Sanitizer Stands By Stern: Germ-Free Hygienic Solutions For High Traffic Environments

Stern has always been aware of the need to reduce cross-contamination in commercial environments and has been creating touch-free technology for over three decades. Today, in the face of COVID-19, Stern has brought together its top engineers to make hand sanitizer available in touch free form as we begin to get used to our new reality. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, public places have been the riskiest environments for germ transmission which has placed most of us in lockdown, for varying periods of time, depending on where you are in the world. As we start to move forward and begin to slowly move out of lockdown, countries around the globe face new legislation. Our stand-alone or wall-mounted touch-free hand sanitizer stands are operated by either battery or transformer. They are stylish, hygienic, and safe. The wooden cabinet can be made with or without a lockable door and the easily refillable 6-liter tanks hold enough gel sanitizer for around 6000 activations, making them extremely cost-effective. Stern’s touch-free hand sanitizer stands are now appearing all around the world in shopping malls, gas stations, lobbies, and schools and can be used with any brand of non-proprietary hand sanitizer of the correct viscosity – up to 3800 cP and compatible with Ethanol, IPA Isopropyl Alcohol – Up to 80% and Alcogel. Ideal for high traffic.